Friday, 10 March 2017

What is Rectal Prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is a condition in which the rectum or the last part of the colon protrudes or telescopes out of the anus and a variable length of rectum will be seen outside.

Poor anal tone is the main cause for this condition. Common causes of poor anal tone are age, constipation, childbirth and pelvic nerve damage .

The common symptoms of rectal prolapse are Constipation and straining, fecal incontinence, and erratic  bowel habits .

 Colonoscopy, anal manometery, colonic transit studies are often required in the evaluation of rectal prolapse.

The treatment of rectal prolapse is surgical with procedures done from the perineum and trans abdominally. 

The treatment is tailored taking into account the presence of constipation, age of the patient, need for resection of the colon and need for pelvic floor repair.

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  1. "I feel good to read about rectal prolapsed, a medical condition that I don’t know about.
    I would like to add a point that Colonoscopy is the best procedure to detect various diseases and problems of colon and rectum. Thanks for sharing!"