Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Shoulder pain due to poor posture of upper body

How many of us know about the link between poor posture of upper body and shoulder pain?

Let's see how it is linked…

The imbalance in the posture usually occurs due to
·         Poor posture awareness
·         Slouch sitting for long hours
·         Lack of proper exercises
·         Inappropriate exercise programs
·         Old Shoulder injury or shoulder pain
·         Old shoulder or upper body surgeries

The Muscles which keep the scapulae (shoulder blades) in position gradually becomes weak and elongated. The muscles opposite to them on the front of the chest gradually becomes tight and shortened. This leads to imbalance in the way body carries the shoulder. Gravity gradually pulls the shoulders forward, the scapulae flares outward, restricting the range in which the upper limb moves about. The head and neck start protruding forward. In layman terms this posture is called "rounded shoulders".

When the mechanics of the joint is hampered then the structures in and around the joint gets constricted or unnecessarily stretched leading to different types of pain syndromes, in this case, the shoulder pain. In such a situation, a trivial trauma or a sudden jerky movement can trigger a long spell of painful conditions and ultimate freezing of the movements in the joints
Prudence is in getting it screened to see whether one has  poor posture which may precipitate such a painful syndrome. At Vasavi, we have highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists who can assess your posture efficiently and advise as to how to correct deviations if any.

This syndrome comprising of poor upper body posture and painful shoulders (and sometimes even painful neck) is commonly known as Upper Crossed Syndrome

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